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History of Flight and game

Through history, civilization have desire to fly. Starting from the ancient Greek myth flier Daedalus and The Wright brothers, today's civilization know very well words: flying and bird perspective. The development of flight does not overleap modern technique. If you have a desire to see the world from a bird's eye you are on right place. Web site ... offers you hundreds of free flight flash games. Feel how it look like a be pilot, co-pilot or stewardess for free. Using the achievements of contemporary technique, from your chair you can flight through clouds and blue sky in helicopter, aircraft or military bomber. Our web site gives you the ability to be a world hero flying in aircrafts which conquered sky in First and Second World War. Also, if you are interesting for aircrafts from 20th and 21st century, we will from time to time, write something about interesting aircrafts which have been using in First and Second World War.